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About us


Oceana’s beach booth & fashion line all started while traveling to Bali and Thailand after graduating design school.  On this trip I met some brilliant artisan female seamstresses, weavers and silver smiths while traveling through Tampaksiring, Uluwatu, and other villages. Recognizing an opportunity to empower local women while developing and manufacturing unique clothing and accessories, I immediately got to work developing a collection inspired by these amazing women as well as the local styles, culture snd textiles.  This in combination with the beach cultures of my life and hometown Venice Beach have culminated into Oceana’s Fashion Line and Beach booth.


We pride ourselves in working directly with local artisans and producers practicing in the craft and trades they love.  Rather than these women having to move to urban cities and work in factories or low paying jobs, they are able to manage their own small businesses within their communities.  Working from home sewing and crocheting, they are in safe conditions and are able to maintain their lifestyle and still take care of their families. Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.

As long as I can remember I've always felt a pull to be near the sand and crashing waves. The beach culture can absolutely be seen in the clothing which we make for the free spirited, sun-kissed, festival loving, and soulful gypsetter woman.   Our very first sales venues were local markets and music festivals with our mobile beach booth.  Soon we grew into our permanent location on the Venice Beach Boardwalk where we have remained for over 6 years.  To this day we are still active in our Venice Beach community with our Boardwalk Beach Booth as well as vending at many local events and festivals along the West Coast of California, Oregon & Seattle. 


Come visit us at the Venice Boardwalk Beach Booth located at 601 ocean front walk, venice Ca 90291.


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